Important Departments in the Hotel Industry – An Overview

A hotel is a functioning dynamic unit with different departments working in unison to give a pleasant experience to the customers and ultimately making it a successful venture for the organization and all its constituents.

  1. Management or Admin: The management or admin is the top controlling body of the hotel. All the other department heads have to report to this body. Some of the positions in this department are –
  1. Managing Director
  2. General Manager
  3. Assistant General Manager
  4. Chief Executive Officer
  5. Chief Operations Officer
  6. Operations Manager


  1. Front Office: Front office has very important role to play. It Acts as the face of the hotel. The members of this department handle important functions like greeting, welcoming and handling the guests in person or through telephone. They also take care of reservations, room booking, accommodating guests, check-in, check-out, billing, payment collection and coordinating for any other needs of the guests. This department has positions like –

  1. Front Office Manager
  2. Front Office Manager
  3. Rooms Division Manager
  4. Lobby Manager
  5. Front Office Supervisor
  6. Front Office Executive
  7. Front Office Associate
  8. Front Office Assistant
  9. Reservation Executive
  10. Airport Executive
  11. Bell Captain
  12. Bell Boy
  13. Guest Relation Executive
  14. Night Auditor


  1. F & B Service: The food and beverage that are prepared in the kitchen are served to the customers by the Food & Beverage department. This is a specialized and important department and they function in room service, restaurants, bars, banquet halls, conference halls, convention centers, buffets, pool side dinners, etc. The team members may have job titles like –


  1. F & B Manager
  2. Asst F & B Manager
  3. F & B Supervisor
  4. Banquet Manager
  5. Banquet Coordinator
  6. Outlet Manager
  7. Room Service Manager
  8. Room Service Captain
  9. Room Service Steward
  10. Restaurant Manager
  11. Asst Restaurant Manager
  12. F & B Executive
  13. Maitre de hotel
  14. Captain
  15. Steward
  16. Butler
  17. Waiter
  18. Guest Service Associate
  19. Bar Manager
  20. Bar Tender
  21. Bar Captain
  22. Bar Waiter
  23. Host
  24. Hostess


  1. Kitchen: Kitchen or F & B Production or Food Production is the department where the food and beverages are prepared in a hotel. This ia another specialized department where trained staff take care of the preparation of various types of cuisines. The department consists of positions like –


  1. Executive Chef
  2. Sous Chef
  3. Chef de Partie (CDP)
  4. Demi CDP (DCDP)
  5. Commis I
  6. Commis II
  7. Commis III
  8. Kitchen Manager
  9. Kitchen Steward
  10. Pastry Chef
  11. Bakery Chef
  12. Butcher
  13. Barista
  14. Brew Master



  1. Housekeeping: Housekeeping team is responsible for the cleanliness and upkeep of the guest rooms, lobby, reception, restaurants and all other spaces in a hotel. They clean, wipe, dust and beautify all the spaces. They replace the linens, blankets, curtains, flowers, etc. The team has the following members –


  1. Executive Housekeeper
  2. Asst Executive Housekeeper
  3. Housekeeping Supervisor
  4. Housekeeping Executive
  5. Housekeeping Assistant
  6. Housekeeping Attendant
  7. Houseman
  8. Room Attendant
  9. Laundry Manager
  10. Laundry Supervisor
  11. Laundry Assistant


  1. Engineering & Maintenance: This department takes care of the maintenance & fault rectification of the civil structure, air-conditioning plant, water heating equipments, electrical fittings & equipments, electronics fittings & equipments, plumbing lines, etc. The preparedness of this department is important in resolving all issues related to equipment malfunction. It has the following job titles –


  1. Assistant Engineer
  2. Maintenance Engineer
  3. Electrician
  4. Plumber
  5. Technician
  6. Mason


  1. HR & Training: HR department is in charge of recruitment, induction, training, payroll, statutory compliance, welfare, grievances, etc. This team has these members –


  1. HR Manager
  2. Asst HR Manager
  3. HR Executive
  4. HR Assistant
  5. Training Manager



  1. Accounts & Finance: Accounts & Finance operations are carried out by this department. This department has the following positions –


  1. Finance Manager
  2. Accounts Manager
  3. Accounts Executive
  4. Accounts Assistant


  1. Stores & Purchase: This department takes care of the purchase & stock maintenance of the stocks for the hotel. It has the following job titles –


  1. Stores & Purchase Manager
  2. Stores & Purchase Executive
  3. Stores & Purchase Assistant


  1. Sales & Marketing: The sales and marketing department is another important one. The following are the job titles in the department –


  1. Sales Manager
  2. Marketing Manager
  3. Sales Executive
  4. Marketing Executive



  1. IT: This department takes care of the maintenance of the IT hardware, software & networking of the hotel. It has the following positions –


  1. IT Manager
  2. IT Executive


  1. Security: The security of the hotel is taken care of by this department. The positions in this department are –


  1. Security Manager
  2. Asst Security Manager
  3. Security Supervisor
  4. Security Guards

There are other departments in some of the hotels like – gym, swimming pool, salon, spa, florist, boutique, adventure sports, events, etc.

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