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As a first step you have to register as a user with Redcheese. If you are already a user, you have to sign-in. Go to your dashboard and click on “Post a New Job”. Then you will have to fill-in all details required like – job title, job description, etc. Finally you can post your job by clicking on, “Post Job”
Sign-in to your account with Redcheese and go to your dashboard. You will have a sub-header on the vertical menu panel on the left called, “Manage Jobs”. All details about your posted jobs will be listed. On the right side against the job posting, there will be a view icon and if you click it you can view your job posting.
Yes. After signing-in, select, “Manage Jobs” on your dashboard. All jobs posted by you will be displayed. On the right of each job, there will be four icons. Click on the “Edit Job” icon and edit your job posting.
Yes. After signing-in, select, “Manage Jobs” on your dashboard. All jobs posted by you will be displayed. On the right of each job, there will be four icons. Click on the “Delete Job” icon and delete your job posting.
You will get a response as soon as a job seeker applies for your job posting.
It depends on the number of job seekers who are applying in response to your job posting
Job postings are normally sorted by freshness of their posting on the job search result page.
Your job posting will be accessible to all job seekers through the web and mobile interface. We will also send special notifications to all job seekers based on their search criteria regularly.
You can post unlimited number of jobs.
A job posting remains active till the validity of the posting is over. Normally it is 30 days. It may differ depending on the tariff plan chosen.
Yes. All application from job seekers will be delivered directly to the email id that you have entered in your profile.
Yes. You can contact the job seekers who have applied for your jobs through email or mobile


Redcheese assists you in identifying & choosing the ideal hotel / restaurant / catering / tourism, etc. job. Registering with Redcheese helps you in:
  • Browsing through thousands of hospitality jobs and apply for the best ones
  • Your Resume / CV will be viewed by thousands of employers and recruiters who will contact you with lucrative job offers
  • Searching and applying hotel jobs through your mobile
  • Receive notifications, messages and mails about the new hotel jobs regularly on your mobile / email
  • Following up on your application and keeping track of the process
Redcheese is a common platform for hospitality job seekers and hotel & restaurant employers. It helps you to find your dream jobs from among numerous hotel jobs available. It also assists the employers from the hospitality sector to select and employ the best possible talent for their properties. On Redcheese, you can get jobs by two ways:
  • By applying for advertised jobs on Redcheese
  • When the employers search through the resume / CV database of Redcheese, they may select your profile
You can register with Redcheese.in by clicking the menu “Register” on the website through a mobile / computer. You will be asked to fill in details like, First Name, Last Name, Username, Email, Phone Number, etc. You also have an option of signing in through facebook, twitter, google & linkedin.
To update or edit your profile, first sign in, and then go to the menu, My Account, on the top right hand corner of the page. Then select, My Profile from the drop down menu or from the menu on the left hand side of the page. Edit whichever portion of your profile, you need to and then click on, “Save Settings”. Your profile will be updated.
Registering with Redcheese, creating your profile, uploading your resume, searching for jobs, receiving notifications and applying for jobs are all totally FREE. All facilities and services offered to job seekers on Redcheese are completely FREE.
Once you click on sign in option, you will find, “Forgot Password” option. Click on it and you will see a, “Reset Password’ pop-up. Enter your email id and click the “Get A New Password”. A reset password link will be sent to your mail box. Open your email box and click on the reset password link. There you will have to enter a new password. Thus your password can be reset.
Please try to reduce the size of the resume to less than 2 MB. After reducing the size, still if does not upload, check the format of the resume. See whether it confirms to the accepted format.
You can use the job search panel on the home page. You can also use the “Search Hospitality Jobs” menu on the home page or on your dash board. You can use the job title, location and employer category as criteria for your search. In Addition you can also use various filters like – Date Posted, Location, Job Type, Employer Category, Salary, Career Level, Experience, Gender, Department & Qualification – to narrow down your search to your preferred job
After searching the jobs based on particular set of filters, you can save that as a job alert. You will receive notification email alerts from Redcheese, whenever employers post job vacancies pertaining to your job alert criteria. This will be a very useful feature for your job search.
Register as a job seeker on Redcheese and create your profile. Search for jobs of your preference and open those jobs. Once you open a job, you will find all details about the job. At the bottom of the page you will have a green color “Apply Now” button. Click the button to upload your resume and also send a cover letter.
  • Alternatively you can also apply by clicking the “Email Job” orange button on top of the page.
  • You also have a contact form on the bottom of the right hand side panel
No, you cannot. You have to be a registered user for applying for jobs.
Redcheese automatically forwards all applications to the concerned employers immediately. The employers have to decide on the form, time and mode of response to the applications. Redcheese is a platform to connect the job seekers and the employers.
Yes. You can apply for any number of jobs of your choice on Redcheese.
Yes. When you open any job, there will be a orange button on top, “Save Job”. You can save that job by clicking on that button. That particular job of your choice will be saved for the future. You can apply later.
If the employer has provided his / her contact details in the job description and if they have mentioned that they can be contacted for further details, you can contact them through telephone. Otherwise it is better to be contact them through email or messages.
  • You can create your profile
  • You can create you resume
  • You can view your applied jobs
  • You have a CV Manager
  • You can select your favorite jobs
  • You can view all the emails that you have sent through Redcheese
  • You can view details of all jobs & employers that you are following
  • You can view details of all your chats / messages on Redcheese
  • You can change your password on for your Redcheese account
  • You can give reviews for the employers
  • You can view the job alerts that you have created
  • You have the option of logging out of your account
  • You also have an option of deleting your account
No. The services offered by Redcheese to job seekers are totally FREE. Genuine employers and recruiters do not ask any money from a job seeker for scheduling interviews or for job offers. Redcheese does not encourage recruiters who collect money from job seekers for job offers. In case you receive such calls or offers, do not fall for such bogus claims. Please do intimate us about such persons or companies and we will in turn inform the people concerned or block such recruiters. Always remain vigilant and do not part with any payment or any information regarding your credit / debit cards.
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