New Trends In Holidaying – Staycation, Bizcation and Workation

Staycation, Bizcation & Workation are the latest trends in travelling, holidaying, vacation and leisure combining them with home stay, business and work. These new innovative concepts are widely becoming popular. Especially in the post-covid situation they have picked up momentum due to travel restrictions and the economic condition.


Staycation is a term got by combining the words, “Stay” and “Vacation”. It is a stay at home vacation. It is usually a small vacation or holiday spent mostly within a day, without the involvement of an overnight stay outside the home. Normally staycations involves a visit to a local spot within their city like museums, amusement parks, zoos, etc. It needs little planning and does not involve too much expenses, travel arrangements, hotel booking, packing, unpacking, etc.

In staycation we can take a leisurely ride to a quite spot and unwind ourselves without much hassle.


The word bizcation is an amalgamation of two words, “Business” and “Vacation”. Sometimes the word, “Bleisure” is also used alternatively. People have started combining business trips with holidaying or leisure travel. These bizcations helps a lot by saving in terms of expenses, travel, time, leaves, etc. Some even tend to take their families along during these bizcations. After hectic business meetings or conferences or discussions, bizcations helps a lot in relieving stress.

Lot of Indian hotel groups have started offering bizcation packages to customers. The largest hotel group in India, IHCL is offering some of the exotic locales for such packages.


Workation interestingly combines work and vacation, where you can be productive at work and also enjoy the leisure of a relaxing vacation. It gives you the freedom to work remotely and also integrate the pleasures of a holiday.

Getting up late, avoiding travel and city traffic, working in your pajamas, sipping your favorite drink, relaxing with a sea view or a lake view and yet accomplishing your work is like having the best of both the worlds.

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