How to Build a Successful Career

In the present era a person is often identified by the career he/she pursues. Building a successful career is not just about money, status, power, name or fame. Career is something that personifies you, exemplifies you and determines the quality of your life.

Building a successful career today almost determines the success of your life. The time when you actually start planning about your career varies from person to person. Very few are very strong and determined about their careers very early in their lives and pursue them steadfastly. Some plan their career at the end of their schooling and on threshold of their college years. A few others are not able to identify their careers clearly even after travelling half way through their lives.

Understanding yourself fully well, identifying your passion, having a clear vision, planning your path, developing relevant skill sets, persistence, untiring work, being flexible, adapting to changes, etc are sure to take you to your prized destination.
Know Yourself

“Know Thyself!” as the Greek maxim says, self awareness is the key to success. Understand the kind of person you are, believe in your identity, realize your core values, recognize your thought processes and identify your strong inner beliefs. This kind of a self analysis will help you fashion your path ahead suitably and purposefully.

Know Your Passion

If you are able to identify the main driving force in your life then you can chalk out your path very easily. Identifying and understanding the passion in your life is sometimes not very easy. But once you are able to realize it and follow it doggedly it will take you all the way to your destination. Passionate people are strong performing people.

Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses

To prepare yourself for any task, you need to know which tool or weapon or skill you can use effectively. You also need to assess your drawbacks that may impede your progress. Unless you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you cannot plan your path to building your career.

Have a Vision

The best way to predict your future is to create it. Develop a vision about your path, career and life that will be the defining factor for your future. Envision a clear future about your career and channelize all your resources into building a good career that signifies your passion.

Goal Setting

To begin a path towards a successful career one has to have their goals clearly set. Based on self analysis and our passion, we have to firmly set our targets, towards which we have to move tirelessly. Unless we have a pre-set goal, our journey will be meaningless.

Road Map

Once our goals are set firmly, we need a road map on how to travel towards our goals. Road maps are normally flexible and can change depending on the situations encountered. Planning the course of action in moving ahead is vital part of career building.

Sharpening & Improving Skills

Any person aiming to undertake a particular career, have to upgrade themselves accordingly in terms of qualifications, knowledge, skills, experience, etc. A career conscious person has to train or practice continuously on an ongoing level.

Impeccable attitude, undeterred perseverance, good oral and written communication skills, actively seeking out for opportunities, preparing oneself completely in all aspects to be suitable for the career pursued, enhancing social and networking skills, etc., are other important aspects that need attention and care in building a successful and rewarding careers.


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